Before October 17

We will send instructions to participants who submitted position papers for some structured feedback activities to take place before the workshop weekend

Saturday, Oct 17

9-10am US PDT;
12-1pm EDT;
6-7pm CEST

Interactive Activity 1: Timelines Design Fiction Activity

Saturday, Oct 17

2-3pm US PDT;
5-6pm EDT;
11pm-midnight CEST

Interactive Activity 2: Privacy by Design Game

Sunday, Oct 18

8-10am US PDT;
11-1pm EDT;
5-7pm CEST

Plenary Discussion

  • Report backs from the position paper groups
  • Reflections on activities
  • Group discussion: What are the opportunities and challenges for conducting ethics in design research and practice? What tools and interventions might be useful? When, where, and on whose terms might we introduce ethics into design?

Sunday, Oct 18

10:20-11:40am US PDT;
1:20-2:40pm EDT;
7:20-8:40pm CEST

Interactive Activity 3: Explainability Case Studies

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