Accepted Workshop Papers

Design & Case Studies

Find your twin in history: Exploring ethical design challenges in facial recognition
Vikram Mohanty, Marx Wang, Kusuma Manisha, Kurt Luther, David Thames

Drones and the Ethics of Corporeal Mediation
Rachael Garrett, Kristina Popova

A Value-Sensitive Approach for Ethical Health Research Platforms
Giovanna Nunes Vilaza, Jakob Bardram


Descriptive AI Ethics: Collecting and Understanding the Public Opinion
Gabriel Lima, Meeyoung Cha

Computer-Supported Ethical Rules for Collaboratively Sharing Data
Rui Zhao, Malcolm Atkison, Petros Papapanagiotou, Jacques Fleuriot, Christian Page

Tools & Activities

Explainability Case Studies
Ben Zevenbergen, Patrick Gage Kelley, Allison Woodruff

Helping ML Engineers Particularize and Judge Ethical Problems || (Supplementary Material)
Karen Boyd

Abusability Testing || (Supplementary Material)
Ji Su Yoo, Nicole Chi, Avi Zajac


Prompting Conversations about Fairness in AI Design with Checklists
Michael Madaio, Jennifer Wortman Vaughan, Luke Stark, Hanna Wallach

Towards Reflexive Documentation of Datasets for ML
Milagros Miceli, Martin Schuessler, Tianling Yang

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